"La factrice l'a mis dans la boîte aux lettres."

Translation:The mail carrier put it in the mailbox.

July 12, 2020

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Difficult one for me to answer, mail carrier is not a term I'm familiar with in Australia. It's a postie here!


I tried "post lady" and it wasn't accepted. Perhaps postwoman? I asked around and nobody else could think of a commonly used word for a female postman other than postie (which is accepted, to my surprise!).


postwoman was accepted for me


In England we'd say "post" and "postbox". I don't see why my answer "The post carrier put it in the letterbox"should be marked wrong, just because it's not in American English.


Agreed, both should be good. Does anyone else think it odd that the Royal Mail delivers the post and the U S. Postal Service delivers the mail?


In America we say mailbox, neither postbox nor letterbox, in general.


I'm from the US and it's safe to say...I never even heard this. It's always "mailman" even if it's a woman too I think.


People really don't understand that the suffix '-man' has been a gender-neutral term for 'person' since the days of Old English. It's why we say 'mankind', after all. But I realize that's prescriptivist of me.

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    The French don't have a problem with assigning gender! Facteur = Postman and Factrice = Postwoman


    I put 'the mail lady put it in the mailbox' and I was gutted when i got marked wrong. I haven't come across the term 'mailwoman' before, but I found out on the net that mail-lady is a term and translates to 'factrice', whereas 'facteur' means 'mailman'. I think there was even a movie made, called 'factrice', but don't quote me. My point: Duo needs to update their array of alternative responses.


    Nah, both mailman and postman were used in the U.S. and are considered outdated. I can't recall ever having heard mailwoman. The official USPS term is now "mail carrier."


    The solution is obvious. Simply call a male mail carrier a mailman and call a female mail carrier a femailman.


    The postman in London put it in the post box and the mailwoman in New York put it in the mailbox.


    ------- the mail lady put it in the mailbox - in california . . .

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    It's like "agent/actor". The mail carrier/postal worker is the factor(/factress, LoL!) that(/who?) determines whether the mail is delivered.


    The postman put it in the letter box when he was in England - even the letter from the U.S.

    1. In the UK there are postman/post person not a mail carrier.
    2. In the UK there is a letterbox not a mailbox. Please update your correct answers Thanks


    Chez nous, nous avons des posties

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    I was expecting an answer with "female", such as "post woman", but duo forgot?


    Post lady and letterbox should be accepted for the UK users


    I find it interesting that the box of the letters (a letterbox) is being translated to mailbox - not a term that is used outside the US (as far as I know).

    I receive mail in my letterbox (from the postie) and I post letters in the Post Box (always capitalised at least to me)


    The postmistress put it in the mailbox.<--not accepted!

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      A postmistress, like a postmaster, is in charge of a post office! Deliveries are handled by postwomen and postmen!


      "The postwoman put it in the mailbox." Yes, it was accepted


      I tried, "The postwoman put it in the letterbox." Also accepted.


      Anyone remember the old american film ''The postman always knocks twice''. It doesn't sound quite right if it were The mail carrier........


      It also doesn't sound quite right if you change the verb in the title. :) "The Postman Always Rings Twice." The original film was in 1946, long before the move to non-sexist labeling of professions. The movie also didn't use the retronym "snail mail"; that, too, was long in the future.


      So here in the UK it has always been the postman - until recently there have been very few 'postladies/women'. When translating le facteur in this section earlier I put postman and it was accepted. However as this was feminine I put postlady (although it is not a usual term) and it was marked as incorrect. Wondering what to do next time ie postwoman, postperson etc. Heyho.


      Your not alone Val, I'm sure that many have gone through the same process. By the way ''postwoman'' works.


      Many thanks Don - I tried this and it worked.


      Agree AndreaChis4.....formal - the postman but colloquially know as 'the postie' (which could be both mas. or fem.) Never heard of the term mail carrier??


      The postwoman put it in the letterbox. is accepted


      Three things wrong with Duolingo's translation: first, where I come from, 'mail carrier' is not a phrase ever used by anyone; second, you put something INTO something, not 'in' something; and third, 'letterbox' is used interchangeably with 'postbox'.


      If you ask one here in the US, you will find that the proper address is "letter carrier"


      The postman put it in the letter box in UK English; why does Duo think I will understand a term like mail carrier?


      la factrice l'a mise dans la boîte aux lettres

      Why doesn't the verb agreed in feminine with the feminine "la factrice"? Marked wrong for "mise" v "mis"


      For verbs that conjugate with avoir, the participle never agrees with the subject. So it definitely should not agree with la factrice.

      The participle should agree with the direct object if that object comes before the verb. Here it does; it's la or le elided to l'. So if it feminine, e.g., la lettre, then mise would be required.

      Both mis and mise ought to be accepted since we don't know the antecedent to l'.

      Qiaet1: that's a nice link on mettre and it's idiomatic expressions, but it doesn't address the case I'm talking about. I wouldn't expect it to, though, since that's a very general rule. Participle agreement in French is very complicated.


      I found this web site that talks about the various tenses of mettre. It show "a mis" for use with "elle". Hope this helps. French verb tenses are so difficult for me. https://www.thoughtco.com/mettre-to-put-1370530


      the lady postman! I'd probably actually say this if I wanted to distinguish her from our male post

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