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  5. "Paita maksaa sata euroa."

"Paita maksaa sata euroa."

Translation:The shirt costs one hundred euros.

July 12, 2020



I think "a hundred euros" should be accepted as well


vau niin kallis paita!


A hundred should be accepted

[deactivated user]

    Reported: "a hundred euro" should be acceptible. Replace "a" by "1" has no advantage at all. Insisting on euros instead of euro may be correct English, but many of the learners are non-English speakers where it is important to transfer the meaning of Finnish words and sentences and also test for the understanding, not for perfect English.


    Insisting on "euros" instead of "euro" is a mistake, not just a bother! https://english.stackexchange.com/q/13551/73094 - both euros and euro are grammatically correct in English.

    Now it accepts a hundred euro, but it says "You have a typo" and suggests a hundred euros instead. This is annoying.


    "The shirt costs hundred euros' should also be accepted


    The word "hundred" without "a" or "one" is not correct.

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