Translation:the Hungarian language

July 12, 2020



Why isn't 'Hungary' itself an acceptable answer?


It could be, if it were a "type what you hear" kind of question. But if you can actually see the word and spot the initial letter, you can see that the letter is small (unkari). If it were written as "Unkari", it'd mean the country.


This is an extremely helpful tip! Thank you!


Hungarian is related to Finnish, right?

  • 1975

According to the traditional view, yes they are! Not very closely and they aren't mutually intelligible to any extent, but from what I've understood they originate from the same area and have similar features and sounds. Wikipedia has some information about Finno-Ugric languages.


Hungary is written as an acceptable answer, but it says Im wrong when I write it?

  • 1975

Where is it an acceptable answer? See this.


When you click the word "unkari" for a hint, the word "hungary" is with the other acceptable answers


There isn’t anything we can do about this, unfortunately. We enter the hints in and they are the same for every sentence with the same or similar looking word. The algorithm chooses the most likely option and places is on the top, the second most likely option next, and so on. The top hint should be the correct one. Sometimes some of the other hints work too, usually not. Sometimes it even puts the wrong hint on top. Finnish can be difficult not just for people. :)

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Oh, I see. Then you should report the problem using the small flag button and select "The dictionary hints on hover are wrong."

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