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  5. "Islantilainen mies on komea."

"Islantilainen mies on komea."

Translation:The Icelandic man is handsome.

July 13, 2020



Can this be used as a general statement that Icelandic men are handsome, or just specific to a person?


I would assume for it to be a general statement there would have to be a plural in there somewhere.


Hmm, while it would be a rather unusual way to do it "islantilainen mies on komea" could be understood as a general statement with the right context, but a better, more understandable way of expressing it would indeed be with a plural. However, a plural everywhere, rather than somewhere, might better describe it. ;)

"Islantilaiset miehet ovat komeita." - Icelandic men are handsome.


Saying things in plural in finland seems hard.


Men means like mans

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