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"How many Estonians live in Finland?"

Translation:Kuinka moni virolainen asuu Suomessa?

July 13, 2020



I expected plural, why is it singular?


Yeah, we need an answer here please

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Uh, can't offer anything else than "that's how it goes" type of explanation. You need to use the singular form with moni because it's singular itself.

The plural of moni would be monet and then the plural form would be needed.

Something like this:

  • moni auto – "many a car"
  • monet autot – "many cars"

In theory you could say Monet virolaiset asuvat Suomessa but the corresponding plural question structure, Kuinka monet virolaiset asuvat Suomessa would sound quite broken to me.

There's a saying, moni kakku päältä kaunis, which might help to remember the rule. It literally translated means that "many cakes are pretty from the outside" but just the look of the cake doesn't necessarily mean it's tasty.


I'm still learning, but I can think of several ways of saying this, many of which are not accepted:

  • kuinka moni virolainen
  • kuinka monta virolaista
  • kuinka paljon virolaisia
  • montako virolaista
  • paljonko virolaisia

Are any of these unusable here? (I assume the 6th possible option: "moniko virolainen" sounds weird.)

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There might be some very subtle differences but all the ways you listed sound good to me. I could definitely use the "moniko virolainen" way too.


Cool, thanks :)


Interesting one. I'm so used hearing 'kuinka monta ...' or 'montako' all the time that I never thought anything else was possible.


Something wrong with "moniko eestiläinen asuu Suomessa?"? It didn't accept it and I obviously reported it. I know that eestiläinen is less formal but it did accept it in other sentences...and "moniko" is the same as "kuinka moni", as far as I know...and the subject is in singular...what else?

EDIT: It didn't accept "Moniko virolainen asuu Suomessa" either.

EDIT 2: Nor "Kuinka moni eestiläinen asuu Suomessa"


Virolainen is formal finnish, eestiläinen is kinda estonian way of saying it, altough very understandable.

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Your suggestions sound just fine. I prefer the "official" word virolainen but it seems to be a bit regional; you should get understood with eestiläinen too. There seems to be an error with the exercise if those aren't accepted.


Kuinka monta virolaista asuvat Suomessa was not accepted 30 August, 2021. Reported it.

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Well, it shouldn't be accepted because the inflection of asuvat is not correct. You can't say kuinka monta asuvat, you would need to say kuinka moni asuu or kuinka monet asuvat. So in this case, grammatically correct would be:

  • kuinka monet virolaiset asuvat Suomessa
  • kuinka monta virolaista asuu Suomessa.
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