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"We admire him, because he has sisu."

Translation:Me ihailemme häntä, koska hänellä on sisua.

July 13, 2020



why not "Me ihailemme häntä, koska hän on sisukas."

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I think it's even better.
Finnish language may therefore be difficult because we don´t always use the circular expressions like "hänellä on sisua", but create a new word "sisukas". Short and concise.

"She has energy" is "hänellä on energiaa", but better "hän on energinen".
"He has power" -> "hänellä on voimaa" -> "hän on voimakas"


I think Sisua is partitive. Being Sisu. Sisukas is Sisu-like, Sisu-able, Sisu-ish.

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    Duolingo, please ensure these articles are optional and not required.


    In Finnish, it's fine to leave out "me".

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    Ihailemme häntä, koska hänellä on komea häntä (We admire him, 'cause he has. a handsome tail).

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