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"En France, on mange les frites avec de la mayonnaise."

Translation:In France, we eat fries with mayonnaise.

July 13, 2020



Can someone explain why "we eat fries" is not translated as "on mange des frites" in this case. I thought I had my head around this, but obviously not. I think maybe all chips in general is "les frites" but the use of les and des still seems to trip me up.

Learning Italian from French seems a lot simpler, because the two languages follow very similar rules.


The sentence is discussing eating in general as a cultural difference between countries that use ketchup, for example, and France where it's mayonnaise. If you were talking about a specifric person eating fries, then it would be "des frites." If you're talking about a person liking/loving fries, then it would be "les frites."


This fact is mentioned in a scene from "Pulp Fiction", which is why Duolingo included it, I believe....


In Germany too...real comfort food on a cold day...hit fries and mayo.


On mange can be translated as either we eat or they eat


Ill have to try that


I like mayonnaise on mine as well. My son eats mayonnaise on his if I'm doing it, but he seems to prefer vinegar. My sister likes mustard on her fries. My wife is flexible but she seems to like hot sauce on hers, which I like too. My brother used to dip his in his malt or milkshake when we were small, but I think he eventually outgrew that. When I was in France I noticed that most supermarkets like Carrefour sold a special condiment in bottles specifically for fries. It was a light orange color like old-fashioned homemade mayonnaise with paprika. There's a restaurant not too far from my house that specializes in fries, and the large order of fries includes up to three condiments. They have things like parmesan-infused mayonnaise, truffle ketchup, mesquite barbeque sauce, aioli mustard, chipotle ranch seasoning, black chinese vinegar, chernobyl cheese, yogurt-based sauce, and a few others.

Condiments on fries are as variable toppings on pizza, it seems. One thing that almost everyone likes to put on fries is salt. I think that's the only constant.


Thank you so much for your detailed response. It was fascinating and mouth-watering!


Often paired with mussels, which is apparently the second most popular dish in France and the national dish of Belgium!
wiki Moules frites

« Paulo aime les moules frites, sans frites et sans mayo' » - Stromae


As Duo has already taught that 'on' can be used to form the passive, I've suggested 'are eaten' as an alternative.


quel plat bizzare


Why not...French fries..?


Because they were invented in Belgium.


Yet "in France they eat fries with mayonnaise" = not accepted Mar 2021 ... Reported.


Royal with cheese


I am an old Englishwoman, and I have to admit I don't know what 'fries' are. I thought they were what I call 'chips', but now think they must be 'crisps' since I can't imagine anyone eating hot chips with mayonnaise, or eating chips cold. It's hard to imagine crisps with mayonnaise too......


It is indeed what you refer to as "(hot) chips" & they do indeed eat them with mayonnaise! :D


Good heavens! Not what I would expect of French cuisine.


Not only in France. Also in Belgium and the Netherlands they eat (hot) chips with mayonnaise (or ketchup, and some other condiments). And Belgium has a really big french fry culture. What else would you eat them with?


Well, I actually wouldn’t eat them at all, but may they all enjoy them with whatever they choose!


There's an ongoing dispute between France and Belgium about where they were actually invented with the latter claiming they should be called "Belgian fries"! :)


To me, "fries" are those skinny excuses you get in MacD's (it was my introduction to the term). Now chips are another thing altogether! And better for you. There's less surface area for the same mass of potato. E.g. you can get 6-8 chips from a decent sized spud, but 4-8 times as many fries - depending on your preferred size of both. If you were to measure the surface area of each chip and each fry and add them up, you'll find the fries are massively more covered in fat or oil. It's why they're so floppy after a minute or two out of the fryer! I don't buy fries... Lol!

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