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"Do you also have some milkshake?"

Translation:Onko teillä myös pirtelöä?

July 13, 2020



Bad English. Idiomatic English requires -any milkshakes.


Any reason sinulla is not accepted? The english version is not clear about whether it is you (singular) or you (plural)


It was accepted for me. (9 Feb 21)


NOBODY says "some milkshake."


This sentence should be changed. Some English translations in the Finnish course are really bad...


*a milkshake
*(any/some) milkshakes


When I hovered over "do" is said the translation was tee, tehda and vaan??? Then "have" was onko?? Is this a mistake or is there something I missed??


The ways these expressions are constructed in Finnish and English are so different that the whole thing doesn't really lend itself easily to word-for-word translations.

"Onko teillä" = "Do you have"

As you can see, there are two words in the Finnish expression and three in the English one. So which word should correspond to which?


I get it, I get the point, but it just doesn't work


It seems that you dont put anything between those: teillä on, onko teillä.

Also, as we are learning Finnish, it appears we both treat ice cream (where we say some ice cream) and milkshakes (where Finns say some milkshake) differently, is just the way Finnish works. And realize it isn't going to translate perfectly..and accept it and learn it.


What about "Onko teillä pirtelöä myös?", is it really wrong?


Could you also say, 'Teilläko myös pirtelöä' ?


Well, not really, since you are missing the verb. However, you could ask

"Teilläkö on myös pirtelöä?"

but that greatly emphasises the "te" part, like you are surprised that these people, not someone else, has "pirtelö". :)


Can't it be "Onko myös teillä pirtelöä?“ ? Everyone keeps repeating that word order doesn't matter in Finnish that much, but always when I'm changing it, it's wrong. So... Are there any rules about it? Other than "it doesn't matter". Sometimes it clearly does.


I think that would put extra emphasis on 'teillä'. Perhaps translating to something like 'Is it you, who also have a milkshake?'


The hint for "Do" is seen as "tee"

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