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"This one is incorrect and that one is correct."

Translation:Tämä on väärin ja tuo on oikein.

July 13, 2020



Can one omit the ”on” after tuo for this sentence—since in this context, we can assume that we are only indicating which is which?


You can, and that's how many people would prefer to say/write it. :) If there's repetition, it's not usually necessary to include it, be it a verb, noun etc.


That is great—kiitos!


This English shouldn't have "one" in it twice - it should be just "This is incorrect and that is incoorect."


My answer was correct and your answer was incorrect


If you know Dutch, 'waar' would be 'true', but it's Finnish, so it's the oppositie - 'wrong' or 'incorrect'


There isn't much similarity anyway since one has a single syllable and the other has two syllables, and the vowel quality is quite different.


Can someone explain me the main difference between väärin/väärä and oikein/oikea? I tend to mix them up


"Väärä" and "oikea" are adjectives whereas "väärin" and "oikein" are adverbs. Unlike English, Finnish uses adverbs instead of adjectives in predicatives about whether something factually or morally wrong/right. Predicatives like this are therefore referred to as predicative adverbials, which isn't a thing in English grammar.

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