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"I am an engineer and I often speak Korean."

Translation:Olen insinööri ja puhun usein koreaa.

July 13, 2020



Is "usein puhun koreaa" a totally unacceptable word order?


In this sentence yes, but generally no, just a different meaning. That would be "often I speak Korean".


Should not make any difference, other comment about different meaning make no sense at all


From the Finnish point of view, yes. But when you start translating into other languages, changes in word order of ten affect the translation. Here you can but the usein either before or after koreaa. If you put it elsewhere, you either get Yoda speak or the English translation changes. :)


There is no strict word order in Finnish


I used that option but it is mrked as incorrect


There are 2 options to choose from and I know the answer I have marked is correct but it is marked wrong. I can’t get past it What do I do?

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