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Why is vocab introduced not based on frequency lists?

I believe that's what one of your backers, Tim Ferriss, advocates..

Would be nice to hear your thinking on this. Thanks.

May 15, 2013



Luis responded to this question in a Reddit post saying that they do focus on the most frequent words although from my experience doing the Portugese lessons this is not exactly true. I have looked up quite a few words in my 5,000 word Portuguese dictionary and many of the words are not in there. I would love it if they only focused on the top 1,500 - 2,000 words.


Same experience for Spanish and German here..


The sequencing of vocab is roughly based on frequency, but because we also teach things grouped in "skills" of related words, we often use less frequent words — like "shark" — along with more frequent ones — like "dog." We're constantly working to improve the skill tree sequencing, though...


I'm also assuming frequency depends on the language as well or do we all talk about the same things? Should it be based on your native languages word frequency (to help with expressing your ideas) or on the target languages (understanding).

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