"Va voir le pharmacien, il pourra te conseiller."

Translation:Go see the pharmacist; he will be able to advise you.

July 13, 2020

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In the UK we don't go see we go to see or go and see - go and see the pharmacist he will be able to advise you was rejected - please accept it


I got this wrong because I tried to use perfect English, but fell foul of the american version which bears no relation to proper English, e.g. "Go see........" What does this mean? Is it slang, or what? I really think it's time DL started to use proper English !


I used "Go see.." because I am fed up with arguing. But, give the bird his due, it is closer to the French... so I feel "go see.." is fair enough this time.


Hmmm. Perhaps not. "voir" is the infinitive of the verb and literally it means "to see", rather than "see" on its own. Hence literally "Va voir" = "Go to see". However "go see" is fair enough as this is an American site and it's their idiom - but as Sally Green said a year ago, it would be good if "go and see" was also accepted.


It may be an American company, but it accepts UK currency. How much would it cost to pay some students to tweak the translations to produce a UK English version?


Duolingo announced (in 2021) there's been 20 million downloads in the UK. Can't we have a UK English - French version?


Also, "can" was accepted in place of "will be able to."


We would not use go see in British English, my go and see was marked wrong


agree "go see" would be slang in Australia. also, we would say "chemist" not pharmacist


I agree with the previous comments - English in the UK is different from American English. This is usually acknowledged by Duolingo but not with the "go see" as opposed to "go and see", at least not yet....


You can go and see, or you can go to see, but "Go see" isn't English


still rejected - go and see


I wonder if anybody has reported it, or if they just complain on this page where the editors won't even read what they say.


'Go see....' is American English. 'Go to see...' or 'Go and see....' is British English. I prefer the latter and am not sure why it is marked as incorrect.


It is NOT correct UK English to say "Go, see...." I really must protest. The correct translation into UK English is what I have written - in other words, "Go and see......." Losing hearts matters to me because I always try to take Duolingo seriously. I have been complaining about this anti-UK English bias for a very long time but it seems that my appeals always fall on deaf ears.


Well for one thing there are no staff on these forums, they're for users to discuss the language, so any protests will fall on deaf ears as none of us can do anything about them. For another, Duolingo is an American website. You can use the report feature (the flag icon) to suggest alternative translations and they will often add them but the default translation will always be American English.


There are a number of purely American colloquialisms like 'go see' which crop up repeatedly in Duo's English. Why is it necessary EVERY SINGLE TIME that users have to lodge multiple reports before Duo accepts standard English spoken outside the US (and possibly Canada)?? People complain about computer generated language on Duo, but it beats me why after all this time Duo doesn't simply program to include such common examples of non US usage as acceptable automatically.

Is 'go see' even considered good English in the US?


Depends what you mean by "good". It's informal, you wouldn't write it in a book but it's far more common in casual conversation. I grew up in New Zealand and we say it there too.


go and see the pharmacist , would be better in English


"go and see the pharmacist, he will be able to advise you" not accepted. This is very tiresome, as in the UK, Kiwis and Australians don't say "go see...", we say "go and see...". Please fix this.


In English, you "go TO see", not "go see"


i chose to complain about the translation of this sentence,. Now, I find that I cannot return to the test I was taking. How does one do so?


I used go and see also, one year later! STILL NOT ALLOWED!


There should be an extra 'to' here in the list of English words!!!


Go to see or go and see in UK English


Got to be go to see in English not Go! See!

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