"Il s'est cassé le pouce en jouant au ballon."

Translation:He broke his thumb while playing ball.

July 13, 2020

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what is playing ball - we don't do this in the UK. We play with the ball. So he broke his thumb while playing with the ball would be the normal expression here


He broke his thumb while playing with a ball, accepted on July 15th, 20.


It means to play baseball (a game of baseball) or to play with a baseball (catch, batting practice, etc) and nothing else except figuratively. As a "ball game" translates to une partie de baseball, this should be en jouant au base-ball or in extended senses en jouant avec un base-ball.


It doesn't have to be baseball, though. It can be quite a number of different games involving a ball.


Normally if it is another sport, we would say the name of the ball. He went to a baseball game and caught the ball. I was playing basketball and the ball hit my finger. My brother broke his wrist while playing football.


How are we supposed to know that playing ball means playing a game if baseball? I thought they meant playing with a ball.


What Sean means is that "Play ball" or "Playing ball" is an expression used by Americans particularly about playing baseball. He isn't making any statement about the meaning of "jouant au ballon".


Playing ball is baseball. That's why he hurt his finger. If the ball hits your finger, it hurts a lot.


He broke his thumb playing ball not accepted.


"he broke his thumb playing ball" still not accepted. Reported 10 August 2020.


I think it's interesting that jouer au ballon has the same idiomatic usage in French as play ball has in English: to co-operate or go along with something.


Should it not be "à la balle" then if it is a baseball ball?


on dit souvent "Play ball" [ surtout au début d'un match ] sur New York et ses parages plus lointains. c'est bel et bien lié au baseball aux racines selon mon expérience jusqu'alors, mais on peut facilement l'utiliser avec autres jeux ... ou même la politique dont ça sous-entend bosser bien ensemble ou bien s'entendre.


le base-ball = baseball jouer au base-ball = playing baseball


Yes, and jouer au ballon means "play ball" or "playing with a ball". Evidently British people don't play ball (and have no ability to talk about it), but French and American people do.

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