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"The Finnish juice is right there."

Translation:Suomalainen mehu on tuossa.

July 13, 2020



Why is "Suomalainen mehu on tuolla." wrong?

  • 1972

Tuossa refers to immediate proximity, tuolla to some distance. I'd say tuolla would be "over there".


Well it's technically not wrong. I talked to a few native English speakers and none of them saw any real difference between the "over here" and "right here". However people writing those sentences created a pattern and we're supposed to follow it... There is a difference in the Finnish sentences (between tuolla ja tuossa), but the right there / over there isn't a real indication of which one you should put in.


What would qualify as a Finnish juice?


That would be

  • Grandi, see some tv commercials from 1970's published by Central archives for Finnish business records


  • Mehukatti, tv commercials from 1980's to 2010's published by the current brand owner


PS. My spouse said that the first Finnish juice you'll probably meet is the blueberry juice the national aviation company Finnair serves on its flights.


OMG! I remember a plastic jar with strange name Mehukatti! I was a child and tried to guess what does it mean. At that time I was not aware of Finnish language. :D


Kerro lisää. Missä ja milloin tämä tapahtui?


why is the partative not used?


Good question!

The juice is the subject of the sentence, and while the subject usually is in the nominative, it can be in the partitive in so called existential clauses. An existential clause is of type "something is somewhere", and those are very common in Finnish, I would say more common than in English. English uses "there are/is…" for existential clauses. So you have

  • Suomalainen mehu on tuossa : The Finnish juice is right there.
  • Suomalaista mehua on tuossa : There is Finnish juice right there.

The former has its focus on a specific entity, package of the juice, say a carton. The latter has its focus on the availability of the juice.

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