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"He eivät tajua, että stadion on lähellä."

Translation:They do not realize that the stadium is nearby.

July 13, 2020



Is nearby.. I was penalized for near........


I answered "They don't realize that the stadium is close", not correct, I don't see why :/


Are there different comma rules in Finnish grammar, by any chance? I've noticed several times that commas crop up where in English they wouldn't.


If a sentence has a main clause and a side sentence that are put together with a subjugation word (että, jotta, koska, kun, kunnes, jos, vaikka, kuin) or with words joka or mikä there is a comma right before the subjugation. If there are two main clauses that are put together with alignment conjugation (ja, sekä, eli, tai, vai, mutta, vaan, sillä) there is no comma. Those are the basic rules


It sounded to me like "They don't realize Stadi (Helsinki) is near." A little confusing.

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