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  5. "Joni on hyvä mies."

"Joni on hyvä mies."

Translation:Joni is a good man.

July 13, 2020



I typed the finnish sentence as shown above listening to the audio.Why is it not accepting my finnish sentence just as shown above? It is saying you are typing in english. Now i do not know how to go forward. If i end it here, i will lose my entire lesson as this is the last audio after which i will be getting the double reward. Please show me a way to get my rewards for the effort as i am new to this language.


You should have typed in the English translation of the sentence.


So I intentionally typed half the sentence and clicked on "check". The answer it is shiwing is what i had typed earlier. So again i typed in finnish. But it is not accepting. I am stuck here. I don't want to end the lesson and miss my double reward.


It says 'translate the sentence' so you need to write it in English not Finnish


I wrote the right sentence but apparently it was wrong, but then i looked at what it was supposed to be and it was the exact same as i had. Like it was the correct answear

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