"He didn't get lost."

Translation:Il ne s'est pas perdu.

July 13, 2020

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I checked so many sources to see if the verb "perdre " goes to the Passé composé with "etre" but i did not found any thing. is it using "etre" in here because of the change in the meaning which here is "getting lost"and not "losing"? if i wanted to make the Passé composé of "Quand il est stressé, il perd quelque chose " would that be "Quand il etait stressé,il A PERDU quelque chose" instead of"il EST PERDU quelque chose"


Yes. "To get lost" translates as "se perdre", which is "pronominal" or "réfléchi", and all such verbs use the "être" auxiliary. "To lose something" translates as "perdre quelque chose" and uses "avoir".


Thank you sooo much for your great reply. to help the others with the same question i'll add an example that i just found on Duolingo: "Je te prête mes lunettes de soleil parce que tu AS PERDU les tiennes." meaning:"I'm lending you my sunglasses because you lost yours."

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