"Horror stories, don't tell them any more."

Translation:Les histoires d'horreur, ne leur en racontez plus.

July 13, 2020

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Lost in translation perhaps. "Les histoires d'horreur, ne plus en raconter". In other words, not to tell the horror stories "en" any more, rather than "leur en" them some/any any more, which appears redundant. Just a suggestion.


Les histoires d'horreur, ne plus en raconter would sound mostly like a sign you'd find in a train station, which makes no sense at all. That's not really how you build an imperative sentence when talking to someone.
I don't see where you see a redundancy with leur as the indirect object is not repeated in the sentence.


"En" replaces "les histoires d'horreur", here, while "leur" means "them". It's an odd sentence in English but I guess it's meant to show the use of the pronoun "en". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dislocation_(syntax)

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