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  5. "Dogs say woof woof."

"Dogs say woof woof."

Translation:Koirat sanovat hau hau.

July 13, 2020


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Koirat sanovat myös vuh vuh.


"Koirat haukkuvat" - the dogs are barking


So far it seems like when speaking of a plural definite subject --"(The specific) dogs say woof"-- one uses 3rd person plural (sanovat), but when speaking of a plural-general subject --"Dogs (in general) say woof"-- 3rd person singular is used (sanoo). Do I understand that correctly, and if so, is that a fairly consistent rule?


Let's start with skipping the woofs, because that is something you would only say to a child. You can say Koira haukkuu in the meaning that some dog somewhere is barking. It can also mean The dog is barking. And it can also mean that dogs in general bark as compered to cats that don't bark, kissa naukuu. But the usual way to make such comments about dogs in general is to use the plural. So I would say Koirat haukkuvat, kissat naukuvat


Idk why im here learning finish kun jo tiedän sitä

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Maybe because you want to say it in Finnish. I can also say "minä tarzan, sinä jane", but can I say "I speak English" if I say so?.


koirat sanovat vuh vuh


"Koirat sanovat hau" is marked wrong. Yet another ridiculous instance of questions being marked wrong based on nonsense.

Previously a cow only says "muu" when its actually "ammuu" in Finnish. Now its how many times a dog says "hau".

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