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"Millainen aksentti hänellä on?"

Translation:What kind of accent does she have?

July 13, 2020



It should be correct. Report it.


If you can, try to include a screenshot of what went wrong. God knows how many times I have missed glaringly obvious typos despite looking through the sentences carefully.


Which accent does she have? kiitos


That's "Kumpi aksentti hänellä on?"


Why does this not accept "What accent does he have?"


Because that is not the full question, and is technically improper English, as your question would be more properly rendered as: "Which accent does he have?" "What kind of" asks for a general type and expects a broader reply, "which" asks for the specific accent. Think "German accent" vs. "Bavarian accent", "English accent" vs. "Cockney accent", and so on.


"has she?" is as correct as "does she have?", it is the same as its modal form in the perfect tense.


It's correctly only if you add "got" at the end, as in "What kind of accent has she got?". I just googled "What kind of accent does he have" (with the quotes) and got 3 290 search results, and then I googled "What kind of accent has he" (with the quotes) and got five search results, and all of them added the "got" at the end. Then I googled the same things with the feminine pronoun and got similar results. I also tried more common questions with an ownership clause and they led me to the same conclusion. The reason for this is the fact that the question requires an auxiliary verb. If you use just one verb, then you'll have a lone auxiliary verb with no main verb for it, which doesn't make sense grammatically.


Hänellä on kaunis aksentti


Why not: "what is her language like?"


Accents and language are different, like how British and Americans both speak English, just with different accents


Do I detect an emphasis on "accent" here, which is usually lacking in DL?

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