"Je ne mange aucune sucrerie après le dîner."

Translation:I don't eat any sweets after dinner.

July 13, 2020

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"I don't eat a single sweet after dinner." was not accepted. But in the earlier sentence, I wrote that there weren't any pastries and Duo marked it wrong, because I didn't write "a single".


It does seem pedantic to refuse "I don't eat sweets after dinner".


Yay! Finally we can use the word 'sweets'. That's a start for Brits, but Australians say 'lollies'. I wonder if I will see that term....


But this does not mean what you think of as "sweets" or "candy", this means "sweet things": "des petits fours" and the kind of caramelised sugar confections (or pieces of sugar sculpture) that you find in a French patisserie.


Shhh it sounds so childish


You think so? Maybe I'm childish then cause we all call them lollies. I especially love the country town lolly shops. Google says a lolly shop near me is mylollies.com.au. Unfortunately I must avoid these heart attack in a bag shops. At my age my body is less forgiving than it used to be.


i am craving some snakes, jelly babies, maltezers, mint leaves, dark choc bulletts.


I don't eat anything sweet after dinner, what is wrong with that?


Is anyone else finishing a legendary subject only to have all of it taken away? It has happened to me at least five times. They are usually given back to me but I have to do an extra lesson and I am buying them with gems, which are becoming very precious. I will report this again but it seems to do no good.


I don't get what you mean by 'hmave all of it taken away', so I guess it isn't happening to me.


The key word is 'legendary'. If you are doing one of the lgendary exercises and you make three mistakes, you lose all of your marks and have to start again. It can be annoying, if you've only made a typo.


The word 'any' is not needed in an English translation. The way people speak should also be accepted as an answer.


You don,t need to put "any" in this sentence.


But then you ignore the 'aucune'.


I don't understand the exact meaning of 'sweets' here, children eat sweets don't they? Is this supposed to be an adult talking? It's a bit odd.


"I don't eat any sweet things after dinner." was rejected. Reported.

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