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Latin Tips & Notes w/Macrons: Plurals

Hello everyone! I'm planning on starting to learn Latin soon and I've been going through the course piece by piece on the incubator, researching where to/to not put macrons by using Wiktionary.

I also want to make it clear that I am not making these posts out of spite to the team, as a fellow contributor I understand the ins and outs of making a course. This is simply something I'm going through with my notes using the incubator before I go onto doing the actual Duolingo course itself and I decided I might copy and paste adding in the macrons to help people like me. I am very proud of the work the team has done and I wish them all the best in the future!

Plural Nouns

Nominative plurals:

Declension Singular Plural
1st fīlia fīliae
2nd (masc.) fīlius fīliī
2nd (neut.) dōnum dōna
3rd soror sorōrēs
3rd frāter fratrēs

Note that the stem of 3rd declension nouns can change.

  • words ending in -er generally turn into -r
  • examples are māter -> mātrēs, pater -> patrēs

Plural verbs

Subject Esse (to be) Habitare
ego sum habitō
es habitā-s
is, ea est habita-t
nōs sumus habitā-mus
vōs estis habitā-tis
iī, eae sunt habita-nt

Second conjugation (-ēre, -eō)

Studēre/studeō (to study) is a verb that follows the second conjugation. You can recognize these verbs by the -e- at the end of the verb stem.

Subject Studere Habere (to have)
ego stude-ō habe-ō
studē-s habē-s
is, ea stude-t habe-t
nōs studē-mus habē-mus
vōs studē-tis habē-tis
iī, eae stude-nt habe-nt

Fourth conjugation (-īre, -iō)

Dormīre/dormiō (to sleep) is a verb that follows the fourth conjugation. You can recognize these verbs by the -i- at the end of the verb stem.

Subject Dormīre
ego dormi-ō
is, ea dormi-t
nōs dormī-mus
vōs dormī-tis
iī, eae dormi-u-nt

New Vocabulary

Latin English Additional Info
duo two duo, duae, duo (plural)
trēs three trēs, trēs, tria (plural)
quattuor four indeclinable
quīnque five indeclinable
quot how many indeclinable


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July 13, 2020

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Great! Can you just fix the -ō of 1st sing. dormiō.

This is a lot of work that you've done here!

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