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"On ilta; minulla ei ole enää kiire."

Translation:It is evening; I am no longer busy.

July 13, 2020



"I am not busy anymore" should be alright?

[deactivated user]

    Reported: "It is evening; I no longer am in a hurry" should be accepted.


    I agree, although "I no longer am" is quite unnatural. It would nearly always be "I am no longer"

    Adverbs and adverbial phrases often come before verbs, but the verb "to be" is an exception.


    'I no longer am' is not unnatural in the areas I have lived (west coast US, midwestern US, mid south US, London outskirts, Helsinki) OR when I use it, which I do, people just don't correct me. And haven't for 50 years.

    It's probably simply used in certain occasions (like this exact phrase, which I have said) and no one thinks about it... because one is in a hurry and has no time.


    I answered "I'm not busy anymore." It was marked wrong. I think this should be accepted. There is a constant problem with giving a correct answer that is phrased slightly differently from the apparently desired answer. This gets frustrating.


    "I'm in no hurry anymore", what's wrong with that?


    Should :"I am not busy anymore" be accepted?


    also no "..no longer in a hurry" , no ?


    Why kiire, not kiirettä?


    A minor point: "any more" in English is two words, not just one. It is often used as one word, but I'm pretty sure it's incorrect. As two words, it is always correct. I shouldn't be told I have an extra space for using the two words correctly.


    According to Wiktionary, it's always correct as two words, but also correct as a single word when an adverb, at least in America.


    "Ei ole"? Not "en ole"?


    It's either

    "Minulla ei ole (kiire)" (lit. I do not have hurry)


    "Minä en ole (kiireinen)" (lit. I am not busy)


    "Over me there is no hurry." seems like a more direct translation.

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