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"The mouse is in trouble, because the owl is quiet."

Translation:Hiiri on pulassa, koska pöllö on hiljaa.

July 13, 2020



Why is it "hiljaa" and not "hiljainen"?


It means the owl is not making any sounds currently. "Hiljainen" would mean that it's never that loud to begin with, or if there's a context to it: there might be something wrong with the owl if it's normally loud but not right now.

About places you can only say "hiljainen", living things can be either hiljaa or hiljainen.


Wow, that explanation was more complex than I would have expected. :D Thanks a lot.


Thank you for revealing that "hiljaa" can under certain circumstances function as an adjective, along with its role as an adverb. Hope your clear explanation will be added to the notes for this lesson, whenever they appear.


If I understand your explanation correctly, should "The owl is being quiet" be 'Pöllö on hiljaa/hiljaisesti', while "The owl is quiet" can be 'Pöllö on hiljainen'?

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