"La République française a plus de deux cents ans."

Translation:The French Republic is over two hundred years old.

July 13, 2020

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The current French Republic (the Fifth) was established in 1958; replacing the Fourth Republic, established 1946; replacing a provisional government; which replaced both the Free French and Vichy France; who superseded the Third Republic, established 1870; after the fall of the Second French Empire. And there's a few more monarchies and another Empire to go through before getting to the First French Republic (1794-1804), which is probably the source of "over two hundred years".


Except that France has been governed by several kings and two emperors since it first became a republic.


Second that, especially since it has been the Fifth Republic now for only just over 50 years or so.


By my count the five French Republics add up to 161 years so far.


why not The French republic is older than two hundred years


Why was "The French Republique is more than two hundred years old" not accepted?


The French Republic is more than two hundred years old Shouldn't that translation be accepted "more than v over"


Google Revolutions Podcast, Mike Duncan. The story of the French Revolution are marked 3.x. Total running time is over 30 hours, so it goes into some detail. Don't know if it's a faux pas but here's a link: https://thehistoryofrome.typepad.com/revolutions_podcast/2014/07/index.html


why not 'more than' instead of 'over'?


I'm glad other people aren't as ignorant of French history as Duo is.


why is the "cents" plural here?


i figured it out, so for anyone else: "The number "cent" only takes an s in round numbers: deux cents, trois cents etc. For all other numbers it is invariable, as in the examples above such as six cent onze" from https://about-france.com/french/numbers.htm


The French Republic is younger. Apart from failing in familiarizing us with French identity, thankfully this segment is at least politically correct.


reported several times: the final 's' in 'plus' is not pronounced.


I wrote "more than," which is one of the hints for "plus" and it was counted wrong.


Why a plus de,, and not est plus de


Remember yhe previous lessons. That's how you say the age.

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