"Il va devoir se reposer avant de faire le ménage."

Translation:He is going to have to rest before doing the housework.

July 13, 2020

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"He's going to have to rest before he does the housework" is exactly the same thing. Trying to do this new section without using the wordbank is a very depressing experience as virtually every correct, and often much better answer, other than Duo's is rejected. I appreciate that I don't pay for this but if I signed up to pay would it be any better/ I'm sure not. This is extremely sloppy work on Duo's part,


Point of clarification & differentiation:

IL VA DEVOIR - he's going to have to...

IL VA FALLOIR - it's going to be necessary to...

IL VA Y AVOIR - there's going to be [some thing]

Hope I got that right and it's helpful !


"He's going to have to rest before doing the chores" was not accepted.


I hear les not le at full speed.

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