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"Kylmä vesi juoksee nopeasti purossa."

Translation:The cold water is running quickly in the stream.

July 13, 2020



This whole thing makes no sense. A stream IS water, so how does water run fast through water?


Furthermore, the translation is very finglish


It sounds very bad in Finnish too. We do say about water or so sometimes that it "juoksee" but never like this. I'd say "Kylmä vesi VIRTAA nopeasti purossa." -> virrata = to stream, to flow etc.


Yes, people rarely say water 'runs' in finnish. We say 'virtaa'. So this sentence is not very good finnish.


Ah the joys of english. The stream in english has several meanings. So the one that troubles you, dear wordpunk, is a jet or flood of water, as from a hose or tap. This is called a stream of water, and certainly your comment is correct there.

But stream in english also refers to a physical geographical thing sitting on a landscape. This may contain, rather than 'is' the water. It can dry up, when you qould call it a dry stream. Or it can fill with water. When the water can run in the stream.

No doubt the "running" (not too bad) and the "quickly" (bad together with running) are pretty poor usage in English. I would say running fast, or better, especially with liquids, "flowing fast".


Juokseva vesi - running water means the water that comes from the tap. Vesi kulkee or vesi virtaa in the nature. There are a lot of other words, too, as we have for everything in the nature.


About the longest sentence that I can parse without reading at this point.

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