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  5. "Do you have WiFi?"

"Do you have WiFi?"

Translation:Onko teillä nettiä?

July 13, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Reported: "Onko sinulla nettiä" should be accepted.


    It got me. Twice. Reported too!


    Its absurd that some exercises the app takes sinulla as a wrong answer!


    Do you have can be translated both as oletko sinä as well as oletteko te. You cannot say from the sentence if it is singular or plural. Both answers should be correct.


    Oletko sinä...? and Oletteko te...? mean Are you...?. Do you have...? is Onko sinulla/teillä...?.


    Wifi should be accepted, nettia is not correct


    As discussed earlier, netti is an Internet connection, not necessarily WiFi. So how could one translate this sentence into Finnish?
    Onko sinulla/teillä WiFiä?
    Onko sinulla/teillä langantonta verkkoa?
    Are these translations correct? According to wiktionary, one can just say langanton for short:

    [deactivated user]

      Those are correct. The Finnish of this sentence is wrong. Netti does not mean WiFi. Langaton does not mean WiFi either, it only means wireless. I have a wireless on my phone, for example, but I don't have Wifi.

      The proper word for netti is Internet-yhteys, by the way.

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