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"Travelling is difficult right now, because we are in quarantine."

Translation:Matkailu on nyt vaikeaa, koska olemme karanteenissa.

July 13, 2020



This is going to date this course pretty well.


Let's hope it will! ;)


It's also a stupid sentence in either language, because travelling is not "difficult" when one is in quarantine, it should be non-existant.

There has been a lot of confusion about the different terms, such as quarantine, here in Finland during the pandemic, and I think this sentence is a symptom of that confusion. Quarantine is not at all the same as travel restrictions or a lockdown.


matkailu on nyt vaikkeaa, koska me olemme karanteenissa, should be accepted


the Finnish sentence should be ¨juuri nyt¨ which is the translation for right now.

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