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  5. "Onko se villi vai lemmikki?"

"Onko se villi vai lemmikki?"

Translation:Is it wild or a pet?

July 13, 2020



Personally when in English you're asking between whether something is [adjective] or [noun] I would always repeat "is it", it sounds awkward otherwise. If you're asking "is it wild or domesticated" it's fine but otherwise I would always say "Is it wild or is it a pet". Obviously you can understand the question without the SV being repeated but again it sounds odd.


I agree that it sounds odd, at least to my (non-native) ear. My answer was: 'Is it a wild animal or a pet', which is not accepted as correct.


It sounds weird in Finnish too.

"Onko se villi vai kesy?" - Is it wild or tame?

"Onko se villieläin vai lemmikki?" - Is it a wild animal or a pet?


"wild" is an adjective, while "pet" is a noun. Here they are mixed which contradicts semantic rules.

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