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"Meillä on kaksi isoa, onnellista koiraa."

Translation:We have two big, happy dogs.

July 13, 2020



large should be accepted


when to use onnellista and when to use onnellinen?


onnellinen is nominative singular
onnellista is partitive singular

The words that end with -nen drop it and change it into -se- before adding case suffixes.

Here are the cases and numbers we have learnt so far:

Nominative singular: onnellinen koira (happy dog)
Nominative plural: onnelliset koirat (happy dogs)

Partitive singular: onnellista koiraa (happy dog)

Inessive singular: onnellisessa koirassa (in the/a happy dog)


onnellista happens when a number higher than yksi precedes it, as far as I can work out.


And why koiraa and not koirat? Shouldn't it be a plural?


Same as onnellista ... because if it follows a quantity (number) greater than one it has to be in the partitive.


Now I can see my mistake: I expected to see a plural form of the partitive, but I was wrong. Thank you for clarifying


Are the words "Iso" and "Suuri" interchangeable?


Here are my saved notes from elsewhere on the forums on this very topic:

There isn't a very clear difference between iso and suuri; both mean big or large, but iso is used more with concrete things whereas suuri can be used with both concrete and abstract things.

e.g. Tuo rakennus on iso or Tuo rakennus on suuri (that building is big) are both fine but if you want to say he has a big heart (figuratively) then only suuri sounds correct: Hänellä on suuri sydän.

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