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"Äiti, miksi tuo tumma pilvi itkee? Onko se surullinen?"

Translation:Mother, why is that dark cloud crying? Is it sad?

July 13, 2020



Honestly, I am OK with learning a few rarely used sentences containing idioms or metaphors, although for the age group in this context one might assume this usage for foreign learners is even rarer. I must wait for Duolingo to expand the breadth and depth of its Finnish application as for more commonly used contexts. TY


Honestly, no child, who asks this question, would say "Mother". Rather mum/mom or Mommy/mummy. Should be accepted.


If a child asked this question and said "mother", its time to call an exorciat or something


Yup. Dl doesn't like 'mum'.


I entered exactly as same as the correct answer but I am still wrong... Miksi?


Is it wrong now if you don't write the commas and question mark? First time in over three years with Duo in different languages ( although in Hebrew, if you forget the quote marks...)


I've never seen Duo care about those.


Crying but not weeping?

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