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"Heillä on neljä nättiä lehmää."

Translation:They have four pretty cows.

July 13, 2020



Are "nättiä" and "kaunis" synonymous?


Yes, "nätti" (note that the nominative form is different) and "kaunis" are synonymous, and roughly to the same extent that "beautiful" and "pretty" are synonymous.


What is the difference between "a" and "ä"?


They're two different vowels and are pronounced dirrefently. Finnish doesn't mix A and Ä in the same word very often, because these vowels are formed in a different part of the mouth and therefore would feel unnatural to pronounce. Same goes for O and Ö.

Exceptions tend to be either loanwords from other languages or compound words. For example jääkaappi (fridge) is okay because it's a compound word of jää (ice) and kaappi (cupboard/closet).


Shouldn't beautiful be accepted also?


cute not accepted. Why?


Cute = söpö.

It's not interchangeable with pretty/beautiful.


Why does "Heillä on hiljaa nettiä lehmää" doesn't make sense? They have an undetermined amount of "quiet, pretty cows"? Or do we have to use "hiljat, nettit lehmät" then?


I don't know where you're getting the "quiet" from, but "hiljaa" is an adverb, not an adjective. Also, "hiljat" is not a word (although it is the nominative plural form of a person's name). The nominative singular form of the adjective is "hiljainen". That sentence requires partitive plural for the noun phrase though, so it should be "heillä on hiljaisia nättejä lehmiä". This is because countable nouns in ownership clauses and existential clauses require partitive plural when the noun has several referents but their number is unspecified.


The sentence can occur as a "choose the missing word" task where "hiljaa" is offered as an alternative. That's where the question comes from.

The adverb vs. adjective part is the explanation here, thank you.


shouldnt this be "heillä on neljää nättiä lehmää"? should we add an extra "ä" at the end of the "neljä"?


Can a cow be pretty?

Does't that imply some sort of "pieni söpö" feeling, which cows, at least adult, definitely lack. In my strictly urban(e) view.


Haha you are right in that "nätti" is a somewhat cuter and more casual version of "kaunis" (just like pretty versus beautiful), but I have definitely seen some adult cows that were very pretty. :D


...;-)) well, it's all in the eye of the beholder, or perhaps a matter of taste... (Oho, lehmä on nyt nopeasti ruoka)

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