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  5. "Au! Tämä makkara on kuuma."

"Au! Tämä makkara on kuuma."

Translation:Ouch! This sausage is hot.

July 13, 2020



You have no idea how tempting it was, when faced with two options of something that might be painfully hot, to choose tanska instead of makkara.


I forget, what was tanska?

  • 1974

Tanska is Denmark.


Does "au" actually mean only "ouch" - it would seem that "ow" should also be correct.

  • 1974

That's right, it should. Au (or auts) is pretty standard exclamation when something (minor) hurts you.


Haha, you got me with that "minor" there. For a moment, I tried to recall what I would say when it's not minor, but couldn't come up with anything but "au," "auts," "ai" or "auh." Then I remembered that many Finns tend to say things like "Ai saatana, tää grilli on vitun kuuma!" or such.

  • 1974

In less minor cases the vocals can be extended or repeated, e.g. auuuuuuuuuuuuh or (as funny it may look) aiaiaiaiaiaiiiiii.

You are well informed but I'm not going to cover any more serious cases than that within this course ;)


Would you ever say "kuuma" to mean "spicy", as in English? I understand "spicy" is "mausteinen", but are they ever synonymous?

  • 1974

Kuuma in the case of food means literally the temperature. The word used for spicy hot food is tulinen (lit. "fiery").

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