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"Here you are, some mämmi. Do you want some cream and sugar?"

Translation:Mämmiä, ole hyvä. Haluatko kermaa ja sokeria?

July 13, 2020



Also the translation "Ole hyvä, mämmiä" is rejected but it is (at least) as correct as "Mämmiä, ole hyvä" which is the only accepted at this time. This should be corrected.


Why noy Ole hyvä, mämmiä?


In the spirit of vowel harmony, why is there no umlaut over the a in sokeria?


The word "sokeri" has three vowel sounds, "o", "e" and "i". Out of these, "e" and "i" are neutral middle vowels, whereas "o" is a back vowel, like "a", hence "sokeria". "Ä" is a front vowel, and cannot therefore be the partitive suffix.

Front vowels: ä, ö, y

Neutral vowels: e, i

Back vowels: a, o, u


I tried tahdotko instead of haluatko, as it accepted tahtoa in another sentence - but apparently either it's not included yet, or it takes time to update. reported 31.01.2021.


I am unable to tap on the correct answer.


Km told "Mämmiä, ole hyvä" should be "Mämmi, ole hyvä"


Mämmiä, because it's some mämmi. Just like some milk is maitoa and some cheese is juustoa.


I guess if I write "olkaa hyvä", next question should be something like "haluaisitteko... " as a speaking formality, am I correct?


Or "haluatteko", if you don't want to use the conditional -isi (would, should...). :)


Impossible to choose the right answer on my Android cell phone. Will have to go to a computer...

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