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  5. "Onko sinulla lisää kakkua?"

"Onko sinulla lisää kakkua?"

Translation:Do you have any more cake?

July 13, 2020



I got a "Select the missing word" question with a choice between "lisää" and "liian". "Liian" got rejected, but I wonder if it would have been correct as well, to say "too much cake"?


"Liian kakkua?" That'd be "too cake". :)

"Liian paljon kakkua" or "liikaa kakkua" would, however, be "too much cake".


Liian doesn't work here because it needs to be in the partitive (liikaa) in order to be right

[deactivated user]

    This can also mean, do you have some more cake. Duolingo appears to have issue with alternative grammar


    Just this course, because it's still new. Definitely report any alternatives that you are sure are correct.


    Is the word lisää already in partitive meaning that its base form would be lisä?


    Yes, it probably originally (ethymologically) is, but this meaning of "lisä" is actually an adverb that isn't declined.

    Lisä means an addition, as in "Tuo olisi mukava lisä." (That would be a nice addition.) But if "lisä" were a noun in this sentence, it would be "lisän kakkua" – not good Finnish – so it is not a noun here.

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