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"There is lots of wet snow in the tree."

Translation:Puussa on paljon märkää lunta.

July 13, 2020



I thought that räntä was the Finnish word for wet snow but it's not accepted

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There are several kinds of wet snow, and Finnish is known (?) for the multitude of words for snow :)

  • Räntä is the thing that rains down from the sky, corresponding to "sleet".
  • Sohjo is then overly wet snow on the ground ("slush").
  • Snow that is somewhat (but not overly) wet and stationary somewhere is called nuoska. This is the best snow to make snowballs!
  • Snow that was first wet but then freezes and weighs trees down is called tykky or tykkylumi.


ON the tree, not in the tree. Reported.


I'm not an English native speaker, does it mean the snow is inside the tree? Or is the English version wrong and it's a Finnish way to say that the snow is on the branches?


The English version is not wrong - we say "there is snow in the tree" meaning that it is on all the branches. You can also say "there are birds in the tree", meaning that they are sitting on and among the branches. If it helps, think of a circle around the edge of the tree shape, and anything touching the tree in that area is "in the tree".

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Pro tip: the wet snow that is in question in this exercise is called nuoska.

It is stationary wet snow somewhere, e.g. on the branches of a tree, on the ground, or on a roof.

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