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"I love this man, even though he does not know how to sing."

Translation:Rakastan tätä miestä, vaikka hän ei osaa laulaa.

July 13, 2020



PLEASE, fix the pronouns. So inconsistent- every sentence is treated differently... Minä rakastan needs to be accepted as well as rakastan. In all similar sentences.


Frustrating to have to redo correct work


Same to me... minä rakastan was wrong


"minä rakastan..." should be an acceptable answer FYI


I completely agree with the others The inconsistency with the pronouns is really annoying. PLEASE fix it.


the power of love...


"...vaikka ei osaa laulaa", without "hän", is not accepted. Is it because 3rd person pronouns are obligatory, or it is just another omitted correct answer?


You have to use 3rd person pronouns, they aren’t optional.


Just throwing my voice into the mix about the pronoun inconsistencies (sometimes one is penalized for inserting an allowed pronoun, other times for omitting it when unnecessary). I do not know whether the course design system requires the volunteers to explicitly enumerate the allowed answers--I can understand this might become a tricky sort of combinatorics issue at times, especially with more complex sentences. However the situation certainly is frustrating for the user, and it appears these issues have been present for at least 7 months.


I put down "Minä rakastan tämä mies..." and it was marked as incorrect. According to the answer I gathered I was wrong for not using "täta miestä" but now that I read the comments it seems like I may have been penalised for writing "minä". So can I use "tämä mies" or not?


No, you cannot. If you want to use the nominative "tämä mies" with "rakastaa" you can only say "Tämä mies rakastaa minua" (This man loves me). When the man is the object or the target of loving, you always say "tätä miestä."


Rakastaa is a verb that requires the object be in the partitive form, so whatever follows the verb must be in the partitive.

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