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Duolingo is helping me in more ways than language learning.

I'm not entirely sure if the creators of Duolingo really get on here and snoop around these discussion feeds. But, I really hope they do. Duolingo has not only boosted my French skills over the past 44 days, but it has helped saved my life in a way. On my 21st birthday (as most peoples 21st birthday) was spent puking up my money, my regrets, and sushi. By this time, I had already recognized, battled, and lost to an alcohol addition times before. Now, I know what you are thinking... aren't you a little young for a label as big as alcohol addition? And I say no. I had drank since I was 13 years old, and the longest I had gone without a drink was maybe 1 month. But, anyways after my 21st birthday. I decided to make a change and get clean and sober for EVER. It was hard the first few weeks, but then I had to think fast and find something that was as fulfilling as alcohol. And I did. Duolingo and language learning as a whole has rewarded me in more ways than just semi-fluency in a language. But it makes me feel worth investing time into. I now spend my weekends, ya know prime party nights, on Duolingo training my brain and not drunk, passed out at a bar. I can not thank Duolingo enough for creating a safe place for me to push myself to limits I didn't believe possible back then. Thank you!

August 7, 2014

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Hey Ana.Rae, thanks for your support! We're glad Duolingo helps you :) Continue like that!


Another advantage of Duolingo: Caring staff!


hi all i wish i want to learning english


Wow. This is a truly moving story :) I am really happy and proud for you and I think a big pat on the back is in order pats back. It amazes me how Duolingo has helped in so many ways and your story just highlights this even more. Well done! Here's to many more language adventures for you and to a happier, healthier life :)


This is a very beautiful story so thank you for sharing, I'm sure it must take a lot to open up like that. It is amazing that Duolingo has been able to help you in this way but really I think it's even more amazing that you have been able to help yourself. I really hope that now, with the Duolingo community behind you, you will be able to stay strong and live healthy for a very long time :)

Site staff do often look through the forums so here's to hoping one of them can reply to you personally :)


Definitely amazing, and yes, the community here is very supportive. Best wishes to you Ana.Rae!


It's so true. It makes me incredibly happy to read everyone's kind words for this unfortunate girl, though thankfully you are now doing much better. You should be ever so proud of yourself. It's already been said many times, so I won't labour the point, but indeed addiction is a very real and difficult problem, no matter what a person's age.

Anyway, with so many places on the internet filled with mean people and hurtful comments, it delights me to spend my time on Duolingo, which genuinenly seems to bring some of the nicest and kindest people on the internet together.

I wish you the best of luck with everything that you attempt in life Ana.Rae!


Wow, thank you for sharing, Ana.Rae. This is an amazing story, and I'm glad you were able to help yourself through your addiction. You were able to step out of the circle before your life took an extremely deadly turn. I'm happy to see that you are learning so much on Duolingo, and filling yourself with knowledge. Best wishes to you in your language learning adventure(s), and continued sobriety.


Wow! 287 up votes and 171 lingots! I didn't know this post would be taken so well. You all are wonderful, and I can not thank you enough for your encouraging posts. I really appreciate you all taking the time out of your language learning to simply "up" this post letting me know you care. YOU DA BEST. xx


That's an awesome story :) Glad you found a way to stay away from alcohol. Duolingo sometimes tweets about discussions like this, where Duolingo has helped others, so maybe they might tweet about your discussion if they see it :)


I agree- Language Learning boosts my confidence and energizes my mind- I love it!


And thank you for sharing your incredible story to the DuoLingo community. Best wishes :)


I'd certainly be indulging my vices more if I weren't on Duolingo as often as I am. Like you, I'm glad to be learning and contributing, instead of than just chasing empty pleasures.


i agree that Duolingo can be very beneficial. i myself struggle with depression issues sometimes (as do millions of people) but when i get sad i know that i can just sit down and do a lesson and i feel a lot better. i'm glad that Duolingo is helping you get over your problem and i hope that its helping thousands of people with these sorts of problems whether it be anger depression or drinking. i wish you good luck for the future : )


I'm not in a situation as severe as yours, but in a sense I know the feeling. Things like Duolingo (and some other study aids with similar gamification) make a really nice way of making sure that you get to achieve something every day, which helps a lot to feel like you're making some kind of progress when life otherwise looks pretty bleak :)


What a nice story :) Best wishes to the future and on your current language adventures :)


What an amazing, inspiring read. As someone else with an addictive personality, I understand how well Duolingo works in channeling the addictiveness into a positive direction. I just wish it had been around when I was 21.

Thanks for sharing your story, welcome to the Duolingo family, and stay strong. :)


So your personality tends to make other people addicted to you? What an awesome thing to have! ;-)
(I'm joking, of course. Just want to make that clear to avoid a typical joke-lost-in-text-misunderstanding)


Keep going through with your goal. You can do it.


Your post is really motivating! I am sharing this in my Facebook profile for sure!

I want more people to know such stories of dedication.

May you find your later life healthy, hearty and fruitful. (And NEVER GET DRUNK AGAIN. You have succeeded to remain alcohol-less for weeks and may the Almighty make you remain such, with delight.)


Hi Ana, have you ever tried Lumosity http://www.lumosity.com/ - you may find it very interesting and addictive in a good sense :)

I quitted smoking several years ago - I would never go back, it is so great to be free and decide for yourself what you gonna do and not depend on any substance.


Thanks a lot for sharing this story, it made me smile. I'm proud of you for taking control of your life!

I wish you the best, and that you may stay strong and have those close to you always by your side when you most need them.


This made me smile.


So...Duolingo does not only teach people how to speak other language, but they change people for the better too now :3 great story! Haha


Ha I am having a similar experience. I decided to quit alcohol for August and it is really helping me focus on Duolingo and being addicted to Duolingo is helping me not miss drinking and partying!

Good luck battling your addiction


Same to you my friend! xx

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This is an amazing accomplishment! You can be very proud of yourself :-) Thanks for sharing this!!!

Now, as someone with a degree in psychology (though I am not working as a clinical psychologist) just let me add the following:

Addictions are a REALLY tough thing to battle. I am happy Duolingo is helping you with it, and I think it can be a great new source of joy/feeling of accomplishment/friends/distractions etc. But most people with addictions benefit tremendously from some sort of professional help/therapy. Especially since you said you started drinking so young. Of course, I do not know you, and I cannot judge your personal situation, or how much you drank. Nor can I give a diagnosis or anything of the like here. I am just saying this because I think that:

1) sometimes people are afraid/ashamed to ask for help - but there is no reason for that! Asking for help is nothing anyone ever needs to be ashamed of!

2) addictions are often associated with relapses. Almost everyone with addictions experiences those. Getting professional help can prepare you for, and potentially help you avoid relapses.

I hope you do not feel I crossed a line here. You can be so proud of your accomplishment and it is a truly inspiring story! I am so happy for you. You made my day!

All my best wishes for your future!



Yes, my mom has a degree in Psychology and Nursing and is definitely helping me out tremendously in getting into counseling. And I am very open about this, I find no shame in talking about it because I can only learn from it and grow into a better woman. Thank you for your concern :) xx

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Thats great to hear! All the best! :) xx


Not only you girl. Not only you! I have become "addicted" to achieving fluency ASAP and I will most definitely pass on this post to someone who am hoping will learn from your experience. One Love. Keep up the good works. PS: I would never have thought of this without reading your post.


Bravo Ana.Rae! your story is so touching and im happy that you are free from alcohol!


Ana Rae, I am so proud of you! You are doing awesome! It is tough to make positive changes, but so rewarding. You are so smart by replacing the stuff you want to get rid of (drinking) with the good stuff (learning). As a 21 year old college student, you are increasing your marketability with language skills---so your future is getting brighter every day! I am so glad you are on the right path. P.S. I see you are an secondary education major in Georgia. I teach high school in Calhoun, Georgia. It is a small world after all! Best Wishes!


i have to admit that this was the most strange thing I was encountered in Duolingo . I am impressed :)


wow, this hits deeep. So happy for you, that you're making something better out of yourself, and got away from that sickness. Keep pushing forward and good luck. :)


Ana.Rae, Thank you for sharing this. Your strength and intention on carrying the desicion to become a better person is inspiring. I wish you to enjoy success every single day - here and in other areas in your life. :-)


Amazing! Congratulations :)


Congratulations - I'm glad to hear it. :-)


interesting, congratulations! go ahead!


hey well done, remember you can't turn the clock back, what you can control is your future, the world is your oyster. you create your own destiny it's onwards and upwards from here go fly the kite


Powerful message; thanks for sharing. And so happy for you!


I am about to turn the big 60 and have always wanted to learn to speak Spanish. An educator referred me to this site and I am having a ball learning. It is keeping my mind sharp. Thanks!


Great story! I wish you all the best :)


I'm an addict too. Hi my name is Patrick and I'm addicted to Duolingo.


Thank you for having the courage to share. Inspiring.


That is so awesome. Praise God!!


it's not so good when you fail you need to be able to hear the phrase again


That's great. i want to take advantage from your post to also thank Duolingo for what they are doing for me. I'm here since 5 days, i'm learning spanish on my own.What's exceptional is the fact that IT IS FREE WOooooow thanks alot

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