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  5. "Poland is a beautiful place."

"Poland is a beautiful place."

Translation:Puola on kaunis paikka.

July 13, 2020



Kiitos from Poland!


Do you know how to say it completely in Finnish? I started to wonder about it when I saw your comment. I thought Kiitos Puolasta but that means Thank you for Poland.


"Kiitos Puolasta" is perfectly acceptable and my first impression when reading "Thank you from Poland". It is more common to say "Terveiset Puolasta", when you are for example traveling, but that means you are sending "hello" from Poland to the recipient, so it is not the same.

Now when you say it, "Kiitos Puolasta" can also mean that you for example thank someone (perhaps God) that Poland exist. Bit similar than you can thank for something that has been given to you (thank you for the food = kiitos ruoasta/ruuasta).

So it can mean both, depending on the context. It is complicated.


Pozdrawiam wszystkich polaków uczących się języka fińskiego po angielsku :D

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I think Poland is not a place, it's a country, but there are many (beautiful) places in that country. You would never say that "Finland is a beautiful place", so why Poland is a place?


I think it is an error in the exercise. It really sounds better to say "Puola on kaunis maa (=country)" also in Finnish


I am happy that you write "Poland is not a place, it's a country . . . " I don't like such an "epätarkkuus"

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