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  5. "Oulu on siisti kaupunki."

"Oulu on siisti kaupunki."

Translation:Oulu is a tidy city.

July 13, 2020



Should accept "cool" as a translation for "siisti", although not as the primary translation. It's slang but very common in Finnish.


  • Normal translation: neat, tidy, clean
  • Slang: cool, awesome, great


Would be good to at least get "clean" accepted)))


“Neat” would be a good translation then too, because it means “cool” as well as clean/tidy/etc in English.


I definitely think cool, trendy or clean city are far more likely to be said in english. There are obviously regional variations but tidy in connection with a city just sounds wrong to me, unless it's said by a character in Gavin and Stacey.

Edit - should point out that I am talking about my experiences of british english here: Tidy might be used elsewhere in the english speaking world, also in Wales.


The first time I was marked as wrong for putting "clean".


Me too, 2nd May 2021.


Oulo is certainly really 'cool', as it sits near to the arctic circle.

Less cool is the pervasive stink from the paper factory.

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