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Automatic Anki intergration

How about having an option to connect Your Duolingo acc to your anki deck Each time you learn a new word in Duolingo it automatically adds that word (with sound) to a deck in anki for later offline study Possibly also adding cards on grammar and conjugations as you learn them too

Also possibly the ability to create custom decks from our vocabulary list I.e. check boxes with a button "Add to Deck" and a drop down for the deck To create decks like "Words I'm Struggling With"

May 15, 2013



How about Memrise integration, while we're at it? http://www.memrise.com/


Yes! I would love Memrise integration.


this is a BRILLIANT idea! At a minimum, make the vocabulary lists downloadable into an excel file for those who want to import into anki.


I would even be happy if Duolingo had a feature to look up/add your own vocabulary. For example, if you want to learn a word you type it in. Sort of like when you're making a list on Memrise.


Duolingo's SRS system is horrible. For example, the first time duolingo shows me the word "elefante" I get it right, yet it continues to show it to me like 5 times in the same lesson, and then continue showing it to me some unadjustable number of days later. They need to incorporate a version of anki, at least for learning nouns. The main thing Anki does better is get user input on how hard the word was. The first time Anki shows me "elefante", I can either press "suspend card" if I never need to see it again, or I can hit "easy" and it will raise the number of days before I see it again.


Hello. After some consideration decided to write my own program for exporting vocabulary to Anki. It has 3 main features:

• Imports words from Duolingo

• Adds pronunciation using Google text to speech (3-4 minutes)

• Adds images using Google images (sometimes they absolutely irrelevant 10-15 min)

And finally it exports data to text file compatible with Anki

Link to my Excel opus https://www.dropbox.com/s/2wdlkr4pgfy261l/2anki.xlsb?dl=0


This sounds really useful, could you explain how to use it? I'm new to working with Excel, thanks.


This would be cool, memrise integration would be lovely as well. Although most of the exercises on duolingo are adequate some words do not appear as often as I would like and need some more practice!

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