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"Ne décroche pas, ça doit être ma mère qui appelle."

Translation:Don't pick up; that has to be my mother who is calling.

July 13, 2020



Its more difficult learning french through the medium of American rather than English when you don't know the American for expressions like "put him through", "don't answer" etc.


From the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs (2002): "put someone through" = to put someone's call through to someone. Don't automatically assume that Duolingo's odd English constructions are American.


But that's literally an american idiom according to the dictionary?


Charming. I always wanted to know how to be rude in French.


"Don't answer; that has to be my mother who is calling" would be an easier sentence to translate, regardless of the literal meaning of décroche.

This is also awkward. I don't know the exact French for "Don't answer, it is probably my mother calling", but that would be a better sentence. (Ne décroche pas; c'est probablement ma mere qui appelle??)


Counted That must be my mother...incorrect (wanted That has to be my mother...).


"Don't pick it up, it has to be my mother who is calling" duo clearly doesn't like the term "it"

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