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"There are only a few people in the theater, although the play is really good."

Translation:Teatterissa on vain muutama ihminen, vaikka näytelmä on tosi hyvä.

July 13, 2020



Why is it "muutama ihminen?" Not partitive? Or at least appearing plural in some way? I feel so weirded out by this sentence.


Simply put, "muutama" is treated like the number "yksi" for some odd reason that you don't need to worry about because it's exceptional.


So translating muutama as "a few," for the purposes of grammar it is structurally a single small grouping of objects/people (not partitive), rather than a small number of distinct objects/people (partitive)?


I guess that's a way we can see it. Btw, the hover hints are wrong in this task - it shows "ihmistä" and "ihmiset." "Ihminen" is not even shown as a possibility. I did report that, so hopefully it will be fixed in the future.


Thank you but it still not changed


If it is easier for you, you can also say muutamia ihmisiä. However, Duolingo does not necessarily accept it yet.


I cannot respond for isola008, but that definitely wouldn't be easier for me, having learned Finnish so far entirely from Duolingo. I understand ihmisiä must be some other case that has not been presented here.


Teatterissa on vain muutama ihminen vaikka näytelmä on todella hyvä - this was not accepted even 'todella' is correct expression.


Just hit the "report" button on the bottom right of the task screen and select "my answer should have been accepted." When enough of those reports arrive, contributors can easily add your solution to the accepted translations.


I put "todella" instead of "tosi", but it was marked wrong


Do you use the Android app? That would explain why you cannot see that your question has already been asked and answered.


i used todella and it should be accpeted


You may have had a typo somewhere else in your sentence. Look at how you wrote "accpeted." If you would copy and paste your complete answer here, others would be able to help you.

It could also just be that 'todella' is just not in the system yet. Always check your answer carefully for typos, and if you're sure it's okay, hit the 'report' button -> "My answer should be accepted."

[deactivated user]

    A layout question I see in some of these sentences: the choice of first words overlap the display of the sentence to be translated. In this case only the second line, but still annoying. I reported it, hoping the moderators will read this discussion too.


    todella =tosi, must be reported


    VisibilitybProblem with display


    Gets in line with the "todella=tosi" group


    Ihminen - If the Tips dont have the correct form for the word, are they tips or red herrings?

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