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"Isi etsii täydellistä kuusta."

Translation:Daddy is looking for a perfect spruce.

July 13, 2020



Howcome "Dad" is not accepted?


In my opinion it should be accepted, but if considered strictly then "daddy" is an endearing name for "dad" or "father", similar to how "isi" is an endearing version of "isä".

For learners of Finnish it can be difficult (just as it is for us natives) that there are multiple endearing names in use: isi, iskä, iska... depending on your roots and the region you live in. Currently the course accepts only one or two alternatives.


I disagree. In English dad and daddy are both endearing names for father. The only difference is cultural, down to each family's own culture as well as the larger regional English and class culture too, there's little definable difference. Duo shouldn't be separating two such well used terms, both should be accepted.


"Iska?" I have never heard that one.

"Isukki" is another one, the one I'd consider the closest to "daddy", or maybe "pa". "Isi" and "iskä" I would translate as "dad". Or perhaps "isi" could be "pa" as well.


You can report that as a missing translation since the course is still only in beta.


I think 'THE perfect spruce' works better in English. Reported! :)


I also wrote this, not sure if it is okay, but I reported it as well.


"Dad" not being accepted is ridiculous.


How do I say mom ? Kiitos !


Äiti is father ? ila is mother ? I ve totally forgotten Kiitos !

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