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"Tajuatko sinä, että nuo oravat haluavat jotain syötävää?"

Translation:Do you realize that those squirrels want something to eat?

July 13, 2020



Why is "want to eat something" not accepted?


That would be "haluavat syödä jotain" in Finnish.


I gotta say, when such a complex phrase appears still in level 1, I gotta look for every solution. I still don't have this level of knowledge to simply answer it correctly.


Yeah, but just wait until it clicks. It feels pretty awesome. I just did it with this sentence. I might celebrate with jäätelöä.

Hang in there. You'll get it.


I disagree. If you've done all lessons you should know enough to translate this correctly.


If you are learning with the app, i can recommend you to read the tips for every lesson on the website too, the tips are really helpful. :)


Why should "do you realise that those squirrels want to eat something" be disallowed (instead of something to eat)?


I can't explain it in grammatical terms, but while English makes it look like you could swap these words freely, the meaning is different. "Something to eat" means "something that can be eaten" (which does not necessarily mean that you want to eat it [now]), so you what you primarily want is the THING itself, while "to eat something" means that you primarily want to EAT.

I guess that "they want to eat something" would be "haluavat syödä jotain"?


Syötävää is 'eatable/edible' so think of it as saying "they want something eatable", you wouldn't say "eatable something". Syödä is the verb 'to eat', so "syödä jotain" . (I hope I've explained that right, I'm still learning.)


the word that in the above sentence is not necesarry in (UK) English


Couldn't tajuatko also mean "Are you aware that" as well as do you realize that?


I wrote "Do you realize that those squirrels want to eat something" and received wrong answer... I mean... it is the meaning of the sentence isnt it?

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