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  5. "A terrible person."

"A terrible person."

Translation:Duine uabhasach.

July 13, 2020



I thought duine meant husband?


duine has a range of meanings depending on context, and you will come across it all over the place in Gaelic. It can be a gender-neutral term meaning "a person", or it can be used specifically to mean "a man", or even more specifically to mean "husband". In that case it is usually used to refer to the husband of a particular person, in the phrase an duine aig x / an duine agam/agad, etc. Just on its own I'd understand duine to mean either "a person" or "a man", more likely "a person", but context would probably tell you.

It can also mean "anyone", when used with a positive verb e.g. a bheil fios aig duine cĂ ite a bheil an cat? - "does anyone know where the cat is?", or "no-one" when used with a negative verb - e.g. cha robh duine ag ithe - "no-one was eating".

You will also hear it regularly in the phrase duine sam bith - anyone (at all)/ no-one (at all).


Thanks for this. You've made it clearer.

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