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  5. "Yksi kuppi kahvia, kiitos."

"Yksi kuppi kahvia, kiitos."

Translation:One cup of coffee, please.

July 13, 2020


[deactivated user]

    What is the rule here to use partitive for kuppi or not? Is it yksi being only one, thus countable? If so, then why is kahvia partitive (as in incomplete or non-countable)? Isn't one cup of coffee completely countable?


    All numerals except "yksi" trigger partitive case in singular form. Nominative case is used with "yksi", which is why "kuppi" is in nominative case. Apart from "yksi" and "muutama", anything that expresses an amount or number of something triggers partitive case, which is why "kuppi" gives partitive case to "kahvi". It expresses the amount of it. The fact that it has "yksi" behind it doesn't change that.


    If it were two cups of coffee would you then have "kuppia"?


    I haven't learnt about plurals yet, but if it was two cups wouldn't 'kuppia' need to change in some way to be plural?


    Nope. A noun phrase that has a numeral in it has to be in partitive singular (apart from the numeral itself) unless there is something in the clause that gives the noun phrase some other case or number.

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you. I needed that. My intuition for partitive is still a bit shaky, so thank you.


      "One coffee cup, please" isn't accepted?


      Coffee cup would be kahvikuppi. That's not the same thing because it's just the cup itself.

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