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  5. "Ovatko kuulokkeet heillä?"

"Ovatko kuulokkeet heillä?"

Translation:Do they have the headphones?

July 13, 2020



Shouldn't it be "Onko kuulokkeet heillä"?

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Formally (i.e. in kirjakieli), no. Kuulokkeet is plural so it requires the verb to be in plural too. The singular is kuuloke in which case the question would be Onko kuuloke heillä?

However, onko kuulokkeet heillä? would be fine in colloquial context (puhekieli), but it's not covered in this course – equally fine would be onks niil luurit or ompiko niillä kuulokkeet but covering those and every other case would no doubt confuse learners, plus be practically impossible.


Can it be "Do they have headphones?" without the article?


I think headphones would be in partitive, if they are without the definite article.


Without a context having been given a suitable alternative in which the 'the' was not included should have been accepted.


According to this, "Do they have headphones?" would be 'Onko heillä kuulokkeet?'

When the thing possessed doesn't follow 'the' in English, it typically follows the possessor in Finnish. And with that word order, the verb needs to be singular.

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