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  5. "Are you knitting a cardigan?"

"Are you knitting a cardigan?"

Translation:Neulotko sinä takkia?

July 13, 2020



Isn't it a bit of a stretch to translate cardigan as "takki"? I would say the translation would be closer to "villatakki", "villapusero", "pusero".


Yes, it is strange, and I feel, wrong. A cardigan is usually made with buttons (although it can sometimes just be open at the front, i.e. made of two pieces) and it is made with knitted material. Pusero would usually not be knitted even though it can have buttons, and villapusero, in my view, does not have buttons and is not open at the front. Takki is a coat.


Wow! Just wrote in "neuletakki" and it was accepted!


A cardigan is both knitted and opens up, usually with buttons. And it seems there already exists a word for that, as used in clothes shops: neuletakki


shouldnt "are you knitting a coat" also be accepted?


maybe pusero ?

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